Dear Mr. Donald Trump or associate,


    My name is Shelby Swayze.  My brother-in-law has developed a

topical salve which is a treatment and cure for skin cancer.  He has

successfully treated hundreds of people who have been diagnosed with

skin cancer.  He has had success with all skin cancers from minor keratoses to

malignant melanomas.  He  says that his formula has yet to fail.  I have seen many

biopsy reports and images showing the cases in various stages of

treatment and healing.  He has more if needed.

    My brother-in-law, André Karam, initially started the

research and development of his formula trying to find a compound which

might regenerate dead or dying hair follicles back in the 1960s when his

family and he were in the clothing manufacturing and cosmetic

businesses.   André tried applying his compound as a last resort on a close

friend who had skin cancer in the 60s and was happily surprised that his

skin cancer was healed.

    Since that time André has been hopeful to sell or start the patent

process for the formula.  He has had many people try to outfox him and

steal the formula from him.  He has had conferences with some

pharmaceutical companies who won't deal with him unless they have the

formula first.  Naturally André wouldn't want to deal with them in that

manner since they would have the power to negotiate him down in his

demands for monetary compensation.  André even suspects that should he

start the patent process himself,  people being aware of his

formula in the various departments involved might be motivated  

to leak out the formula  to other devious characters.

    I had Andre’s formula applied to a squamous cell carcinoma on my left

wrist a few years ago.   Having seen the various case studies made a believer of me so I

readily asked him to treat my carcinoma.  I found that the  formula had removed the

cancer miraculously when my second biopsy procedure and lab results were performed

and written.   I'm a blue eyed fair skin man now 61 years of age

 and I played beach volleyball for 25 years.   I am a building

contractor here in southern California and have been working in the sun

since I was 24 years old.  In 1998 I had been expecting some resultant skin

cancer when I met André's sister whom I later married.   I was relieved to find

that Andre` had faith in his formula to treat my skin cancer.  I was even more

relieved when my second biopsy report showed that the cancer was gone.

    I will enclose another case study within this letter for you to review .

I’m including a few pages of the information pamphlet which he has written

to describe what he has found while treating various people and animals.

    I invite you Mr. Trump  to partner with us in getting this seeming

miracle of the twenty first century on the market.  André is willing to show 

any interested parties how to administer the compound, etcetera.  I would hope you

might have some suggestions for us if you can see that all the

information I have written herein is honest and not in the least

frivolous.  We need someone like you who has the power and name recognition to keep us

from losing the formula.  We fear that powerful entities might take advantage

of the compound's enormous value without André's permission or compensation.




           Shelby S Swayze

Video: Watch Formula Applied To Cancer On My Wrist

Video: Watch Formula Progress After 15 Minutes

Video: Watch Formula Progress After 30 Minutes

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